Love Is.

Love is…

Holding hands at a movie until your hand cramps.

End of the day hugs for tired bodies.

Back rubs, foot rubs, and hot showers.

Love is…

Forgiving the everyday mess-ups and faults.

Overlooking the dirty socks on the floor.

Taking out the overflowing trash without complaint.

Love is…

Making cups and cups of hot tea for your sick partner.

Preparing dinner every night without fail.

Changing the channel when the other person doesn’t like the TV program.

Love is….

Listening to aches and pains.

Sharing hopes and dreams.

Discussing problems and resolutions.

Love is…

Planning romantic getaways.

Spending evenings at home.

Cuddling on the couch.

Love is…

Committing to the other person for good and for bad.

Choosing to fill their needs before your own.

Helping each other in weakness and in strength.

Love is….

Two people wild about each other.

Protective of their hearts and minds and feelings.

Watchful for the thorns that infest the soul.

Love is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. It encompasses the whole person. It is a beautiful phenomenon. A rarity in a culture that runs when things get hard. A novelty to those who have never experienced it. A treasure to those who have it.

“Many waters cannot quench love.” –King Solomon 

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