I’ve said it. I’ve read it.

More than once.

You have too.

“2020 sucks!”

I have a friend who I call my “complaining friend”. She’s allowed to text me the worst of the worst, and I am allowed to do the same to her. No holds barred. No filters. Just raw spewing of the challenges and absurdities that have made up 2020.

Here’s where I’m at, though, with three days left of the year:

I’m not sure spewing is completely healthy.

Perhaps I need something different.

When I was a teenager, my mom would tell me that I needed an “attitude adjustment.”

I wish I could say that 2020 fulfilled every hope and dream I wrote down at its beginning. I wish I could say that every prayer was answered in the affirmative. I wish I could say that I achieved every goal.

I can’t say that.

What I can say is that I am tired of saying all this year was bad.

There were some treasured moments.

Like spending more time at home, building Lego’s with my son, riding bikes around the neighborhood, skipping the commute at work, and appreciating the closeness of my parents.

In the book of Luke, there is a section where Luke writes about Mary pondering all the recent events in her life.

She has birthed a Son. Angels sang. Shepherds visited. The glory of God shone all around her.

Yet, she does not hurry into her future, anxiously addressing the demands of her newborn, the dilemma of where her family will live, or the worry of how to provide for her fledgling family. Instead, she treasures the wonder of what God has already bestowed upon her.

Right there, in a dirty stable, while wrapping her newborn in strips of cloth, I see Mary cultivating gratitude.

So, with Christmas over, and the new year approaching, I don’t want to miss a chance for reverence and reflection.

2020 has been hard and sad. It’s been tumultuous and challenging and weighty. Much of it has been about as enjoyable as a visit to the dentist.

But it’s also been good and full and joyous. There were many treasures hidden in the rocks.

Before 2021 begins with its own trials and tribulations, I’m finding a place to think about my blessings, remember the good times of the year, and express gratitude for each experience.

My attitude needs adjusted. I’m taking a cue from Mary.

Join me.


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