Social Distancing

In this time of social distancing, let us remember we are not solitary eagles. We are designed for community. We are wired for connection.
Yes, we should take precautions and live with wisdom. Yes, we should wash our hands  extra times. Yes, we must take care around each other.
But we must remember: we are not alone. We are in this together. The sickness that is taking over our precious world is not the determining factor in who we are nor need it dictate who we become.
Maybe, as we go through this together, we might learn how to be kinder, softer, and less judgemental to other humans. This sickness is no respecter of persons but we ought to be.
Friends, be creative in connecting with each other via technology. Call someone. Text someone. Skype. Facetime. Disinfect yourself, then see a friend face to face.
We are not the lone bird. We are a flock. We should all soar through this stormy sky side by side.
Grace and peace and love, dear friends.

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