On Your Face


The other day, I had this person point to my face and say, “What’s that on your face?”

I reached my hand up and felt my face. With growing dread, I realized she had pointed out my acne.

Suddenly I was the embarrassed, awkward teenager again. The one who didn’t know how to handle herself. The one who didn’t know what to say in her defense. The one who always felt too big, too gangly, and too ugly.

Has that ever happened to you? One word or line or look from someone takes you back to a moment in your life where you were the most vulnerable. All those feelings rush back and suddenly you think you are that person again.

Except you’re not.

I’m not.

A phrase that has repeated itself in my brain over the last few days is this: “I am a daughter of the King, and as such, I have all the rights and responsibilities as befitting to that position.”

I don’t have to let mean words absorb into my soul anymore. I don’t have to be controlled by what another person thinks of me. I can live in freedom from who I used to be, and with confidence and in love, because God is good and life is good.

The Proverbs say about a wise woman, “All her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace.”

My older brother used to tell me, “Just let it roll off ya, like butter.”

Yum, butter, delicious butter.

Butter is also good.

So yes, person I know, there is something on my face.

And I hope it’s light and love and grace and peace.

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