I have a few regrets in my life, but then again, I’m only 29, approaching 30. I’ve got plenty of time to round up a passel of regrets. Or maybe I have time to avoid carrying around regrets like extra weight in my butt. (Or my thighs and hips)

However, I do have some regrets that I wish to notate here:

1. I regret every time I’ve purposefully said hurtful words—razor sharp criticism meant only to cut down another person’s spirit. 
2. I  regret any time I didn’t open up my window to a homeless person to share my few dollars. 
3. I regret the times I didn’t volunteer to help non-profit events and opted to stay at home…doing nothing important. 
4. I regret not opening up to the people around me sooner. I feel I missed out on some great friendships becuase of my prejudice. The expectation that a girl must dress a certain way, or that a guy can’t be friends with a girl, or that judgment would befall me if I befriended a person who wasn’t a carbon copy of myself — all these left me feeling bereft of friendships that could have been. 
5. I regret the judgment I passed on people who didn’t attend every church service that I did. I realize now I was blinded to see what other troubles or burdens they may have been carrying. 
6. I regret the loudmouth, uninformed opinions spouted about political leaders from my arrogant teenage mouth. 
7. I regret my cocksure attitude towards spiritual matters instead of appreciating the wind of God working everywhere and always often in ways I could not understand. 
8. I reget the times I wan’t vulnerable and instead buried my emotions. 
9. I regret the times I wasn’t fully present in the moment, thereby clouding priceless memories.
10. I regret not spending more time with the loved ones I’ve lost. I can’t get those days back, and if I could I would say “yes” more instead of, “Can we reschedule?”
I could probably come up with more regrets…however, in the time it has taken to write these, my son has spit up his last meal….and I think he might regret drinking that last ounce of food. 
But he’s only 2 weeks old. 
He has plenty of time to accumulate other regrets. 
I hope he has only a few. 

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