A question remains predominent in our society today. Even 2,000 years after this Man walked on the earth, we still wrestle with this:  Who is Jesus Christ? Some call Him a good teacher. Others dub Him a religious guide for morality. Some say He was a fanatic. Still some claim he was only a fairy tale. Each one, in different ways, merely want to blow Him off, deciding He is better shoved in a corner. Maybe if He is put out of sight, he won’t invade the mind as much. Maybe, just maybe, if they can pigeon hole Jesus, they won’t have to deal with His words.  However, as much as they try, they can’t get rid of Him. He keeps cropping up. He is pursuing them like the “Hound of Heaven” in Francis Thompson’s unique allegory.

Christ is the Maker of all things. Because He is the energy, and force holding our world together, He won’t go away. He is the Unseen One, colliding with our efforts to do it on our own. How can we look at the Milky Way and say it just happened? Did the great whale emerge from nothing? Can any intelligent person believe that the eagle’s instinct to feed her young and to guard her nest simply evolved? Not only nature cries for a Creator, but our very bodies point to something bigger. The fact that we breathe through two holes in the middle of our face should stagger us. The body is intricately woven together—better than the greatest, most lovely tapestry. These are evidences in the Court of Life. All point us to only one aspect of Christ: the fact that He is Creator. He Himself said, “When the world was brought forth, I was there.” 

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” John writes in his Gospel.  If He is not our Creator, then we are the most unfortunate creatures. We are waddling in an identity crisis, worse than a foe stealing our social security number. We have been left to grapple with the vastness and broadness of the universe on our own. It’s like a mother had taking her two-year old son to the family car and saying, “The car won’t run. You take it apart for Mommy, put it back together, and then explain to me in detail what you did.” Christ has to be our Creator. The world, the universe, and our own selves groan in anguish for the veracity of Someone Who can put “all things in order under His feet”.

Jesus Christ won’t go away. His claims are too potent to be ignored. We have to choose. We can either choose Him as Lord and Creator. Or we can reject Him. He leaves it up to us, as a loving Creator. He lets His own creation choose to love Him or not.

However, someday, Jesus Christ, now seated on a throne in Heaven, will return to earth to reign as rightful King. When this happens, when the King returns, the days of the King will see an end to the world of pain and hate. Those who tried to hide Him away will suddenly be on their knees, acknowledging Him as they should have from the beginning.

When the first man gambled away his life, Death seized control.

What death seized, Jesus Christ bought back by His blood on the Cross.

What Jesus Christ bought back, He will someday claim.

He created us. He redeemed us. We belong to Him. So do the keys of Hell and Death.

After all, He won.

Fair and square.

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