A Day in the Life of Food….

With my research topic for my English class this summer being healthy eating, I decided to explore my eating options over this week. My fiancé and I tend to eat out or get take out quite often. We also enjoy cooking together, perhaps once a week.

My first stop was my own kitchen. I shopped in my cupboards and freezer. For dinner, I came up with spaghetti and frozen broccoli. The convenient thing about foods now, is that, frozen vegetables don’t even require boiling water if you buy a certain kind. This broccoli you just pop in the microwave and viola! Instant steamed veggies. Our ‘home-cooked’ meal was packed with vitamin C from the broccoli and fiber from the whole wheat pasta. We scored in the healthy eating game.


Tuesday night in my social life means going to Buffalo Wild Wings. This week, it was my intent to explore their menu for anything of more nutritional value and healthier options. The salads at BWW’s leave something to be desired, as far as nutritional value goes. They offer iceberg lettuce, which is merely water. Their toppings are chicken, dressing, and extra sauce. I shared an order of boneless wings, potato wedges, and soft pretzels with Thomas, my fiancé.  I think that sharing is a great healthy option, so that we aren’t stuffing our bodies with too much food at once. As we ate, I wondered how ‘healthy’ our options were, but then I also pondered that healthy eating is only one facet of life. Our relationship is healthy, the friends that joined us around the table brought a healthy dimension, and our mental well-being was healthy as we all played Scrabble on our phones.


My next exploration was Qdoba. One can certainly choose healthier options from that fast-casual restaurant. They offer salads, whole-grain tortillas, and smaller portions. Like their counter-part, Chipotle, you can custom make whatever you order. The option is open to you to leave off the fatty sour cream, opting instead for the healthier fat of the avocado. My option? The nachos, smothered in Queso and black beans, topped with chicken, turned Wednesday evening into a delightful evening.


In my perusal of foods this week and certain restaurants, I feel that most restaurants are opening up their options to help with healthier eating and providing more nutrition. Most of them don’t propound a certain ‘diet’, but try to offer a variety of dishes that will serve a wide range of people.I also feel that eating at home more often than eating out allows me to better serve my new family nutritional foods. To add into the blend of healthy eating, however, is the mindset. It’s not all broccoli and celery. Sometimes it’s ice cream or chocolate. That’s the zest of life.

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