Random thoughts

God sat in contemplation. His gaze reached into eternity. A wonderful plan formed in His mind. Step by step, He put His plan into action. First, the Day came, followed by Night. One by one, He created new things, new wonders, new beauties. Before all this only darkness covered everything. Now light bursts forth…from the new sun, the moon, the stars, the seas, the earth itself. God dips his paintbrush and colors the grass, the flowers, the animals. In His last move, He carefully and tenderly shaped a man after His own Self. He placed the man, Adam, into a garden. He only gave one law, hopefully Adam would choose obedience. He blessed Adam with Eve, with fruit, with dominion over animals. He walked daily with Adam. But the created one forsook his Owner. He broke the one law. Thus changing the destiny of the human race.

All, after the first, had sinned.

All were doomed.

Until Shiloh came. The Prince of Heaven, reached His love through a cross to the race. Prayers to Him are heard. The prayer, by millions spoken, brings peace. And not merely a prayer, but the seed of belief in the heart. We became God’s enemies and deserve death. Believing we are sinners plants the seed. This seed bears fruit of faith in those who trust Jesus Christ. God, the Divine Creator of man in the beginning, is also the Saviour in the end.

That was His plan.

From the first note of the music of Creation.

Until the last triumphant chord chimes in His Heaven.

We, the fallen people, become, not servants, but sons.

Only God works such a plan.

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