Well, now, this has been an interesting journey so far. Last night, I created a blog. I’ve done a blog in the past, but deleted it for various reasons.

I’ve decided to try again. I created this one. My slightly dyslexic mind typed the letters for my username incorrectly. “Coloradowriter84” was “Colordaowriter84” for about an hour. I almost kept it, thinking about the messed up username being like my messed up, slightly crazy life. Until a friend pointed out that no one would be able to remember how to spell the name of my blog. Slight problem, especially if you wish to be read. As all writers, I have enough ego to think I have something worth writing for everyone else to read.

Millions of people have blogs. Millions of people are writers in their own way. This one is mine. I’m joining the ranks. To quote OneRepublic’s lyrics… “Hello, world, hope you’re listening…”

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